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Sports Injury Prevention

Sports Injuries 

At Wasatch Physical Therapy, we recognize every sport has the risk of injury. Current studies show: 

53% – of young athletes have some type of injury each year

75% – of all lower extremity injuries are non-contact

65-80% – of lower extremity injuries can be prevented by improving movement.








Injury Prevention


We want athletes to perform at their best and know how to recover properly when injured. Using the latest technology, we can identify an athletes specific strengths and weaknesses and determine their risk for specific injuries. Once identified, strength and conditioning routines can be prescribed to improve deficits and eliminate weak points.


Results of a 6 week study on military academy cadets, during basic training using our program:

  • Decreased injury rates by 25% for lower extremities.

  • 57% for acute knee injuries

  • 60% for ACL injuries

Schedule your individualized evaluation with a physical therapist today and reduce your risk of injury. 

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