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Work Rehabilitation

Injured and Can't Work? We Have Personalized Solutions to Meet your Needs.

Along with helping you recover from work related injuries, we can also perform a variety of functional tests and screenings to determine your ability to return to work. 

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

WorkWell’s FCE is a comprehensive functional test designed to objectively measure the maximum safe functional abilities of a client across a broad range of physical capabilities for recommendations for return to work/other activities and activities of daily living.  The FCE is standardized with a flexible design which can be customized. With our Job Specific format, a functional test is designed to test Job Specific tasks. A Job Match Grid clearly identifies whether a client is able to perform the specific critical demands of the job. The FCE includes a 1-day 3 hour full body CORE FCE, UE, LE, 2-part FCE, as well as additional formats.

PreWork Screens (PWS)

Our certified therapist will take you through a variety of functional tests designed to determine whether an individual is capable of performing the necessary tasks that their job will demand. This test is designed to be used at the time of hire. And can be helpful in determining an injured employees ability in return to work. 

Work Hardening and Conditioning

Are you finding it difficult to do the work your job requires? Consider a work hardening and conditioning program. Our therapist will individualize a program that meets your jobs specific duties and requirements, focusing on work simulated components of strength and conditioning to improve your work abilities. We want to help you get back to working your best. 

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