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As Men’s Health Therapists, we love to tap into your body’s natural way of healing: movement!  Whether it is to help make one of your muscles stronger, a joint more mobile, improve coordination, or simply to take pressure off of a painful area your therapist will likely have you doing some kind of exercise. Your therapist will know the best ways to move your body in a healing way and will help you fine tune your form for optimal benefit.  They may incorporate strengthening, stretching, endurance, balance, coordination, relaxation, or other types of exercise into your routine.

Physical Therapy Session
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Manual Therapies

Therapists often use their hands to both assess and treat problematic areas of the body.  This can come in the form of massage, stretching, bone or joint mobilization, or many others.  Men’s Health therapists are qualified to treat both internal and external muscles and tissues.


Biofeedback is a machine wherein electrical sensors are connected to various parts of your body, most often used on muscles. The sensors are then able to gather feedback from your body and target and relax certain tense muscles. It also helps to ease pain.



Modalities are therapeutic treatments. Some of the modalities we provide at Wasatch include: heat, ice, massages, TENS units, and more! Modalities help release pressure in the body, relieve muscles and pain, and even decrease swelling. 

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a skilled technique performed by a physical therapist with advanced training to help release muscle tension and pain. It isn't acupuncture, and while it doesn't particularly hurt, it can cause a little discomfort. For more information, visit the Dry Needling tab on the top!

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