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  • Maegan McBroom, 500RYT, CHES

What are Standard Process Supplements?

You may have seen our stock of standard process supplements in our lobby or heard us talking about them on one of our platforms and you may be wondering, what do supplements have to do with physical therapy? The answer is quite simple: supplements have a whole lot to do with physical therapy! Physical therapy is aimed at preventing injury, easing pain, helping you function, move, and live your life to the fullest, and exercises are just a part of that. Supplements add a bonus to your care by helping promote health, wellbeing and healing in your body. Supplements, such as Ligaplex II, can help in the repair of muscle, chronic degenerative joint problems and disc herniations. Whatever injury or ailment you may be suffering from, there may be a supplement that could improve your healing or quality of life. We want to support your care, bring you back to life, and keep you healthy for a lifetime. Supplements, a well balanced diet, and regular exercise are all a part of a healthy life and that is why we provide many services outside of physical therapy like Standard Process.

More than 50% of Americans take a supplement of some kind, and for good reason, unfortunately not all supplements available are of the equal quality. Standard Process is differentiated from other supplements in their quality. Standard Process supplements are all organic and undergo a very selective quality control process, testing each batch of supplements 4 times before they cross your lips. Standard Process grows most of their own products and sources out suppliers for the products they can’t grow themselves through a rigorous selection process to ensure that you receive the most high quality ingredients. With over 350 products, Standard Process has supplements for nearly every need, including a high quality protein powder. When choosing supplements that are right for you, make sure you keep in mind quality, sourcing, and your doctor’s recommendations. Before taking any supplement you are unsure of, consult your physician.

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