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  • Daniel Johnson, DPT

“Hegels” - Kegels for Men

“Kegel” is a common name given to an exercise for the muscles below your belt that control your urinary, bowel, and sexual function. Yes, men have these muscles too.

Exercising these muscles can help prevent urinary leaking, bowel problems, and also improve erectile function.

So, how do I exercise my pelvic floor?

  1. Come to a comfortable position sitting or lying down and take a few deep breaths to help you relax your stomach and the area between your hips as much as you can.

  2. Begin by tightening the ring around your rectum as though you are trying not to pass gas. Try not to tighten your butt muscles, thigh muscles, or abdominal muscles and continue to breathe.

  3. Now, tighten the muscles behind your penis and scrotum as though you are trying to stop a urine stream. You may notice your scrotum moving up and in as though you stepped into a cold pool.

  4. Try doing both of these at the same time. You can check this muscle by placing a finger on the skin between your rectum and scrotum. When you are tightening this muscle you should feel that skin move inwards towards your head. If you are feeling it push down towards your feet then these muscles are not flexing correctly.

Once you get this exercise down, try to incorporate it into your daily life and in different positions like standing, sitting, and laying down.

Although this is a healthy way to get control of your pelvic floor, exercising these muscles might not be right for everyone, for example, if you are having pain or have a hard time emptying your bladder. If you are unsure or have questions about improving your pelvic health, talk to your Men’s Health Physical Therapist.

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