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  • Robert Drenning, PT, OCS,FAAOMPT

Online Physical Therapy. What is it? How does it work?

As all of you are aware, the COVID-19 virus has placed a tremendous burden on our society. Businesses and schools are closing, people are more confined to home than ever before, and uncertainty is at an all-time high. Here at Wasatch Physical Therapy, we actually have some good news, and want to give you a chance to put something ‘normal’ back into your lives! We have implemented the latest technology to allow you to continue your Physical Therapy care now with us online. That’s right, you can still see our smiling faces...just through your phone or computer! Here’s how it works…

What is it?

Online physical therapy, or Telehealth, is just like it sounds. We do a video call that starts out like a typical PT visit. You tell us what’s been going on with your pain. From there, a PT will watch how you’re moving, look at muscle activation patterns, and discuss postural alignment...for a few examples. We are then able to give you corrective exercises, education, and lifestyle management strategies to give you immediate pain relief. Telehealth for physical therapy has been around for over a decade and a ton of studies support it as an effective way to help people get rid of pain.

What do you have to do?

All you need is high-speed internet and a phone or computer. That’s it, no need to download anything. You call us to schedule an appointment and we send you an email with a link and basic instructions. You click on it at your appointment time and off we go! Simple as that!

For various reasons, the hectic nature of daily life often forces us to put off our own appointments and neglect our physical health. But most of us now find ourselves with more time at home than ever before. This is actually the perfect time to utilize telehealth to get your body feeling better and pain-free, right from the comfort of your own home! Have kids or pets running around in the background? No problem, that won’t affect the outcome of your telehealth visit at all. So whether you’re already a patient of ours, or are looking to get started on your pathway to a pain-free life, now is the perfect opportunity. Let’s make lemonade out of these trying times. Give us a call to get more information about our online Physical Therapy!

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