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Do You Need Physical Therapy?

Fit Factor is an online test of your physical health. 

The test is simple and takes about 20 minutes. 

It will determine if you are a good candidate for physical therapy.

Print your results and schedule an appointment today.

Click on the link below to get started.

Why Wasatch Physical Therapy?

At Wasatch Therapy we want to get you back to doing the things you love. We have a team of Physical Therapist dedicated to the idea of getting you Back to Life. We specialize in a wide variety of treatment options to meet your specific needs. We will be with you every step up the way through your recovery. We care about our patients and listen to their needs. We will specialize a treatment plan designed to treat you and your needs. Read more about our treatment options and schedule an appointment with us to experience the difference. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists are experts in improving mobility and motion. Physical therapy reduces the need for surgery and prescription drugs. Physical therapists work with their patients to design treatment plans for their individual goals, challenges and needs. 

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