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Nutrition Counseling

What is standing in the way of you reaching your health goals? This program is designed to help you address what you want to achieve, what barriers are preventing you from getting there, and to help you create reasonable steps to help you reach your ultimate goal. Your initial appointment will last 60 minutes and will focus on establishing goals and laying the ground work on how to tackle them. Follow up appointments will last 30 minutes and will assess progress, discuss obstacles that have come up, and focus on establishing independence in your journey to health. 

*Each session may vary from this basic layout to address each individuals needs. 

This may be right for individuals who need help with: 

- Weight Management

- Sports Nutrition

- Meal Planning

- Digestive Issues 

- Dietary Restrictions 

- ...and more! 

Please call us for availability and pricing! (801) 479-9865

Supplement Planning

Supplement Planning

Discuss what may be lacking in your diet or what supplements may compliment your lifestyle and ailments. Our in house nutrition counselor will be available Monday, Wednesday (9am-12pm), and Friday at our South Ogden location for supplement planning. Let your therapist know you are interested or drop by.

This is a complementary service we provide, but Standard Process supplements are available for purchase at the front desk. 

Please call with any questions (801) 479-9865

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